Research Interests  
Lab Members and Collaborators  


Current Members of the Lab

Emily Mitchell, Lab Manager
Noah Hanson, Research Staff (previously Undergraduate Researcher and Mary Gates Scholar)
Clara Amorosi, previously GS Graduate Student now postdoc
Abby Keller, MCB Graduate Student
Bryce Taylor, Postdoc
Anja Ollodart, MCB Graduate Student
Chris Large, MCB Graduate Student
Cindy Yeh, GS Graduate Student
Taylor Wang, MCB Graduate Student
Soyeon Showman, MCB Graduate Student
Renee Geck, Postdoc
Barbara Dunn, visiting scientist
Anna Steed, undergraduate researcher
Mai Frey, Student Helper
Margaux Walson, Undergraduate Researcher
Andrea Chang, Undergraduate Researcher

Former Members of the Lab

Seattle Era

Postdocs and Grad Students

Elisa Wong, Postdoc (now Lead NGS R&D researcher, LabGenius)
Caiti Smukowski Heil, Postdoc (now a professor at NC State University)
Monica Sanchez, MCB graduate student (first a postdoc with Dmitri Petrov at Stanford, now at LANL)
Elyse Hope, GS Graduate Student (first a postdoc with Peter Stirling at Terry Fox Lab BC Cancer Agency, now Sector Manager at Genome BC)
Ivan Liachko, Postdoc (now co-founder of Phase Genomics)
Sam Lancaster, MCB graduate student (now a postdoc with Mike Snyder at Stanford)
Aaron Miller, GS graduate student (now at Zymergen)
Celia Payen, Postdoc (now at Dupont)
Anna Sunshine, MSTP Student (now at UW for residency)

Research Staff, Undergrads, and Interns

Anne Sofie Lærke Hansen, visiting graduate student (DTU)
Grace Dy, Undergraduate Researcher
Nick Righi, undergraduate researcher
Omar Kunjo, summer intern
Angela Hickey, Undergraduate Researcher (UW, now at NYU)
Alexandra Gallegos, HHMI EXROP student (Portland State University, now at UW MCB)
Brenna Greaves, Student Helper
Samantha Dahne, Student Helper
Kolena Dang, Undergraduate Researcher and Mary Gates Scholar (now with AmeriCorps)
Kira Patterson, Undergraduate Researcher (Carleton, now at NIH)
Navinder Kaur Locham Gurmit Singh, Undergraduate Researcher (now at Center for Infectious Disease Research)
Rebecca Pfahl, SCC Intern with Brewer/Raghuraman lab
Kim Huynh, Student Helper (UW)
Azhar Khandekar, Undergraduate Researcher (UW to NIH, now at UCSD Bioinformatics)
Erica Alcantara, Undergraduate Researcher and Mary Gates Scholar
Michael McGovern, SCC Intern with Brewer/Raghuraman lab
April Vande Brake, Student Helper (UW)
Thy Dang, Student Helper (UW)
Giang Ong, Research Staff (now at NanoString)
Jessica Cao, Undergraduate Researcher (UW, now at Harvard Biostatistics)
Jamie Pogachar, Undergraduate Researcher, Mary Gates Scholar, and Research Scientist (UW, now at Alder Biopharmaceuticals)
Magdalia Suarez, SCC Intern with Brewer/Raghuraman lab
Fitsum Gebremariam, SCC Intern with Brewer/Raghuraman lab
Kory Kolis, Amgen Scholar (Gustavus to Rice and now at University of Montana)
Emily Hutchins, Volunteer
Annie Young, Undergraduate Researcher and Mary Gates Scholar (now at UW Medical School)
Alex White, Student Helper (UW)
Thao Nguyen, Undergraduate Researcher (UW)
Mei Huang, Undergraduate Researcher (now at UW Pharmacy School)
Bryony Lynch, Undergraduate Researcher (first at the Hutch, now at University of Pittsburgh)
Britney Martinez, Summer Intern (UC Santa Cruz, now at NYU)
Rachel Peralta (Youngblood), HHMI student and Research Staff (first at UC Irvine, now at Kaiser Permanente)
Emma May, High School Student Researcher
Neha Kunwar, Student Helper (UW)
Cara Comfort, Student Helper (UW)
Barry Dion, Research Staff (first at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, now at CIBC)
Mike Bocek, Amgen Scholar (now at Stanford)
Laura Hoverson, Amgen Scholar (Scripps)
Lory Henderson, Summer Intern (UNM, now at Cornell)

Princeton Era

Chris DeSevo, Research Staff (first at UT Southwestern, now at Exelixis)
Yufei Liu, Thesis Student, (now at Berkeley)
Alana Arnold, Thesis Student, (first at Tufts, now at Oakland Children's Hospital)
Abram Gabriel, Visiting Professor from Rutgers
Cheryl Tucker, Research Staff (now at Wall Township High School)
Harry Jenq, Thesis Student (first at Harvard/MIT, now at JMP Securities)
Joe Rokicki, Undergraduate (now at University of Colorado at Boulder)
Cara Singer, Summer Student
Sam Leachman, Summer Student (first at UC Berkeley, now postdoc in the Netherlands)
Dave Pai, Research Staff (first at University of Michigan, then Scripps, now at BioNano Genomics)
Richa Gawande, Summer Student (now at Harvard)
Randy Stockbridge, Thesis Student (first to UNC, then MIT, now Assistant Professor at University of Michigan)
Debasmita Roy, Summer Student (first at UNC, now at NYU)










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summer 2005

Collaborators, past and present

Gavin Sherlock
Sasha Levy
Paul Rowley
Jay Shendure
Doug Fowler
Allan Rettie
Debbie Nickerson
Joseph Schacherer
David Hess
Josh Akey
Trisha Davis
Catherine Fox
Matt Kaeberlein
Alex Merz
Olga Troyanskaya
Amy Caudy
Angelika Amon
Doug Koshland
Generation Biotech
Abram Gabriel
David Botstein
Leonid Kruglyak
Yixian Zheng
Stan Fields
Bonny Brewer and Raghu


Yeast Resource Center
UW Center for Synthetic Biology
Fred Hutch/UW Cancer Consortium
Pharmacogenomics Research Network
Engineering Biology Research Consortium
UW Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Institute
Brotman Baty Institute


Princeton University Microarray Database
Saccharomyces Genome Database

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